The ship

The ship

Besides being the most comfortable and powerful ship, the Anamora Cruise is the only tourist craft in the city completely built in hull of steel.

Passengers can relax comfortably in any of her three spacious decks. The Top Deck comprises a solarium with a tropical bar. On the Lower Deck, you can find a bar as well. This deck serves as a lounge that can be in used for events. The Middle Deck invites passangers to enjoy the view from large windows and tables while invited to a a cup of coffee. Passengers on the lower deck are welcome to enjoy music and entertain themselves on the dance floor.


Safety of the craft

Hull of steel of 100 ft. of length, 20 ft. of sleeve and 3 decks.

7 hermetic compartments that assure floatability, four of which are stuffed with low density polyurethane.

Displacement of 98 tons. 2 powerful engines with 560 HP.

An auxiliary independent generator.

Self – inflatable rafts, life jackets for adults and children, and fire-extinguishers. All of which have been approved by Argentine Naval Prefecture.