Our cruise can offer you an exclusive and attractive proposal. We can offer the organization and catering for your meetings, presentations, parties, celebrations or seminars on board of the Crucero Anamora, a place where relaxation and amusement are present in every trip. Delight your senses on board any of our three spacious decks.

Receptive Tourism

Groups of Conventions and Congresses
Student groups

Advertising Services

Advertising and Promotion together
with Anamora
Journalistic services
Television productions

Corporate Meetings

Parties and Managerial Meetings
Business breakfasts

Social Meeting

Fashion Parades

Didactic Excursions

Educational Excursion “A Door to the Sea”

“A Door to the Sea” is a didactic field trip where students learn about the importance of the industrial area, in direct contact with its development and enriched by the sensory experience which a voyage may offer.

By means of the port, we “open” the door towards an enchanting theme appreciating the maritime richness and potential as well as the problems related to the sea.

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Dance Pub

This service takes place while navigating the interior of the Port, with a beautiful view to the Nautical Club, the Golf Club and Mar del Plata 's coastline, returning after 2 hours to the Wharf of Shipment , where the passengers will be able to continue enjoying our service for 2 more hours. The comfortable facilities of the Yacht Party ANAMORA are the only service in Mar del Plata , to carry out these types of daytime or night time events. Our company can place our complete crew at your disposal for exclusive social meetings. In this case, you should contract the craft.

  • They are also optional services: catering, waiters, and a Disk-jockey which should also be arranged beforehand with our company.
  • Maximum capacity 150 passengers (for this modality)


On board our cruise, it is possible to have varied gastronomic services, from lunch, brunch, bar - mitzva, luncheons, cocktails and complete dinners, etc.

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