Mar del Plata encloses many secrets that can be discovered throughout its various seasons. This city portrays its intimate characteristics in winter and its brilliance is vibrant as well in summer as this breathtaking city is host to the most popular Argentine resorts. On board the Anamora Cruise, one is presented with a unique opportunity to discover these secrets and to appreciate the city's incomparable beauty from a fascinating vantage point. This craft, with capacity for 300 passengers, offers a place where relaxation and amusement are combined. Each one hour and ten minute navagation guarantees unforgettable moments which go hand in hand with high quality service and safety that no other ship can match. Welcome on board!

Anamora Cruise has delighted its passengers with good taste in music and comfort for over many years. Moreover, our service enables you to enjoy a Yacht Party aboard any of our three spacious decks.

The Energy of the Sea

Numerous passengers aboard our cruise have expressed, upon returning from our excursion, to have received a sensation of stamina and pleasure. But beyond the pleasurable experience that our cruise offers in itself, there exist other factors that we have investigated and that contribute to generate the well-being and satisfaction of our passengers.

The sea breeze

The results of our studies reveal a factor key to understandindg this sensation of stamina and well-being. These sensations are provoked by the therapeutic effects that the sea breeze produces in our organism. The sea breeze possesses energizing elements coming from the spray of the waves that penetrate in our organism. Moreover, the electronic properties of the air are fundamental in this process. The sea breeze, especially coming from waves and favoured by the Anamora's hull of steel which penetrates the sea, is surrounded with a high concentration of negative ions. This ionization is elevated by 20% to 40% as a ship sails at sea, due to the constant impact upon the water that the ship makes. This results in a reduction of the levels of serotonin (present in stress) producing a pleasant sensation, and in addition this sea breeze, during navigation, stimulates the production of endorphins, the so called “hormone of happiness”. And among other things, this air facilitates an excellent oxygenation and muscular tonification; it stimulates our appetite, improves our level of concentration and generates an overall sensation of well-being. Therefore, one cannot deny that sailing on board the Anamora Cruise is an all-natural and energetic excursion.